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Now is the best roll-off film for 100% Forecast roll-off system in stock!
Only 275 SEK for a 10-pack!

CC Products roll-off film fits all 100% models Racecraft, Accuri, Strata and Forecast as well as the Dragon MXV roll-off system, all that use the 45 mm film with a hexagon at one end of the stick.

The rolls have CC Products high quality film with the "right" thickness of the material. The film is crystal clear and anti-static treated and has the well-known unique red dot that tell you about when it is about 7-8 pulls left on the roll.

Do you want a roll-off film that works and doesn't stick to the glass?
Then there is only one alternative: CC Products!

Roll-off film 100% and Dragon 10-pack 45 mm

Roll-off film 100% and Dragon 10-pack 45 mm