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AP products are made of strong HD Polyethylene and specifically designed for motocross and enduro. the knee braces  can also be used for off road riding, snowmobiling, BMX and are available for alpine use, such as snowboarding, downhill and slalom.

  • Especially made for motocross/enduro but can be used in most sports.
  • The lightest knee braces on the market.
  • Increases stability, protects the knee from twisting and is equipped with an adjustable stop that prevents overstretch of the knee.
  • Protects against meniscus injuries, front and rear cruciate ligaments.
  • Knee links are made from stainless steel to assure a long life.
  • The splinter free PE-HD plastic (High Density Polyethylene) gives maximum protection against thrust and blows.
  • The lining is removable, washable and made of polypropylene felt for best comfort.
  • With hook and loop fastener that is simple to use and gives a perfect fit.
  • With an "real" moulded kneecap for maximum protection.
  • Slim design - This is the most slender knee brace on the market. Fits perfect in the boots.
  • Strong cover over the knee links to protect your expensive pants.
  • Available in 4 sizes and in right or left model to ensure that if fit as perfect as possible.
  • Sizes from about 6 years and up.
  • Spare parts are available.
  • Best buy - Gives the best protection at an affordable price.

    Since the AP knee braces will not rip your pants the sticker kit will last longer. If you look at the cost of AP knee braces you will find that in the end the savings of the pants and stickers will pay for the AP knee brace.


Fits from about 6-9 years.
Length: 39 cm.
Weight: 475 gram.

Fits from about 10-15 years.
Length: 44 cm.
Weight: 550 gram.

Fits from about 16 years and up.
Length: 52 cm.
Weight: 645 gram.

Big Senior
Senior big are the same size as Senior but are 16 cm higher on the thigh and protects well against impact from the handlebars. Perfect for speedway and enduro.
Fits from about 16 years and up.
Length: 68 cm.
Weight: 825 gram.