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CC Products brake discs are laser cut from hot rolled Swedish precision, extra high strength, cold forming steel from a carefully controlled process. This steel combines high strength with a low weight that are obtained with a raw material that has carbon and manganese with a precise addition of grain refiners such as niobium, titanium and vanadium.
The brake discs are designed with the latest Cad/Cam technology for the highest precision and the surface are zinc coated for a high finish.

CC Products brake discs have several advantages:
·  They don’t crack as easily as a hardened disc.
·  Especially made for motocross and enduro.
·  Made in Sweden.
·  Can be used with any type of brake pads.
·  Most disc have an OEM look.
·  Very good prices.
·  Very fast deliveries! We have over 5000 brake discs in stock!

CC Products brake discs - Proudly made in Sweden