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All spokes are manufactured in our spoke machine in our own factory in Sweden.

The spokes are manufactured as accurately as possible to OEM specifications and sold as replacement spokes for original hubs and rim diameters unless otherwise stated. We have a large range of spoke kits in stock, but we also manufacture single spokes or special spokes.

We recommend that you double-check the lengths and quantities before ordering. It is often the case that any previous owner may have changed the size of the rim, changed wheels to another year model, another brand or aftermarket wheel. The spokes are also often replaced and do not have exactly the right dimensions. Please contact us before you dismantle a wheel.

CC Products spokes are made of Swedish stainless steel wire and have a tensile strength of 1250 N/mm2 and a yield strength of 1450 N/mm2

Spoke Nipples
Spoke nipples are included in the purchase of spokes or spoke sets and you choose the nipples you want. Depending on the rim that will be used in the wheel, it may be necessary to change the spoke nipples to a different size. Measure the round part of the spokes or the spoke nipple holes in the rim and select the size you want of the spoke nipples.

NOTE! Never use oil, grease or other lubricants when assembling of new spokes, if so, the spokes will loosen very easy. We recommend that you apply a drop of Loctite 222 or equivalent to the threads before assembly. Loctite 222 is a vibration safe low strength thread locker that allows adjustment and the nipples can easily be tensioned with a spoke key.

The thread lock fills the threads and prevents dirt and water from entering the threads and they do not seize as easily. The thread lock makes the nipples work better and you get a longer lifespan on your wheel.

All OEM part numbers are for reference only.